Exchange Theatre is an international cultural organisation founded in London in 2006.

Created and managed by David Furlong and Fanny Dulin, the team works from their studio in the heart of London Bridge. Exchange Theatre has been translating major plays from French-speaking theatrical background. Bearing the singular heritage of the Théâtre National Populaire, the organisation perpetuates a vision of culture crossing borders. Beyond mere discovery, their productions aim to be accessible to a 21st century audience. With strong visual imagery, original music, multimedia creations and the use of multilingualism, they offer a true sensory experience.

Exchange Theatre also has a large education department. They created the first amateur drama class in French for French-speaking adults living in London, and also give language and educational workshops by means of drama to children in schools. Thanks to those experiences, they have created Communic’Act to offer businesses their expertise in public speaking and team building, again through fun and drama.

Quality, originality, and interculturalism are the key concepts of the organisation.

”Towards the reunion of the world”

Paul Claudel