About Communic’act

Have you ever felt shy to speak in front of a crowded place? Have you ever felt uncomfortable to speak without your notes?

One day, in our lives, we are all invited to speak in public, in a professional or private environment.
However, we do not all have the same confidence level. So, how do we know how to manage our stress?

We are here to help you develop your soft skills!

Communic’act is a drama workshop for businesses to improve people’s skills in eloquence and reinforce teamwork. During one hour, professional actors will help you develop your motivation, meeting performance and team building to reduce burnt out, stress and harmonised relationships within the work department.

Aimed at directors and managers who wish to support their teams in their well-being and performances, it is a new approach to for self- development and improve physical, psychic and professional skills.

Through these interactive sessions, the participants will improve their soft skills like: social interaction, self-confidence, and professional behaviour and even communication skills such as expressiveness towards governance and leadership expertise.

It is a fun way to find a balance between personal and professional life, develop new strengths, and even build surprising relationships.

It allows to:

  1. Know and control inner moods such as: emotions, fears …
  2. Improve speaking skills such as: improvise, answer an unforeseen question or an objection, speak without notes…
  3. Define a personal style such as: the physical presence or gesture…
  4. Increase an effective personality by creating a contact with the audience according to the context.

Communic’act is much more than a casual coaching session. At the end of each workshop, each member will also feel better in their head and their body.

Moreover, thanks to the follow-up service, the participants will be advice on their progress and check their evolution throughout the sessions.