This session aims to help participants unwind and relax after a long day at work.

Specific theatre games will be played with professional actors to relax and developing new skills necessary for the workplace.

Each session focuses on three points:
● Coalition, the idea is to improve the relationship between the participants and to develop a feeling of affiliation.
● Spark, the workshop leader’s various and entertaining exercises, make tension disappear and the motivation increase.
● Efficiency, the group develop solidarity and the capacity of working together. Better team collaboration will help to overcome difficulties.

There will be individual and collective activities through role play, creative speech, physical mindfulness and much more.

The session will take place in your office/workspace and lasts one hour.

Prices from £15 per person per, hour depending on number of participants:
4 to 7 participants:  £19/ person
8 to 10 participants:  £17/ person
10 to 15 participants:  £15/ person

Bundles according to the number of sessions:
3 to 5 sessions: 5 % OFF
6 to 10 sessions: 10 % OFF
Over 10 sessions: 15% OFF